5 International Ferry Terminals at Batam Island, which Ferry Terminal should I use?

5 International Ferry Terminals at Batam Islands, which Ferry Terminal should I use?

There are 5 Ferry Terminals at Batam Islands, they are Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Waterfront Ferry Terminal, Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and Harbourbay Ferry Terminal. Many of friend keep asking me which Ferry Terminal should be used if we travel to Batam from Singapore Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. Therefore, I would like share about this 5 Ferry Terminals.

List of 5 International Ferry Terminals at Batam Island5 Ferry Terminals at Batam Island

Sekupang Ferry Terminal

Sekupang International Ferry Terminal is one of the oldest Ferry Terminal in Batam, but it had been renovated to give the traveller fresh new experience. It takes about 45 minutes from Singapore Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Batam Ferry Terminal by Fast Ferry.

Sekupang Ferry Terminal is the nearest Ferry Terminal to Sekupang Domestic Ferry Terminal, KTM Resort, Waterfront city, Batu Aji area, Tiban and Tanjunguncang. It needs about 30 minutes to reach Batam downtown such Nagoya or Batam Center by Taxi.

Nearby Sekupang International Ferry Terminal (about 3 minutes by walking), there is Sekupang Domestic Ferry Terminal that serves route from Batam to others Islands or city such as Tanjung Balai Karimun, Selat panjang, Tanjung Batu and Dumai at Riau Province.

Some Ferry company that operates route between Harbourfront Singapore and Sekupang Batam are Majestic Fast Ferry, Sindo Ferry and Batam Fast Ferry.

Batam Center Ferry Terminal

Batam Center International Ferry Terminal is located at Batam Center area. At Batam Center, they are several Government office such as Batam City Mayor Office (Kantor Walikota Batam), Batam Free Zone Authority office (Badan Pengusahaan Batam) and City Parliament Office (DPRD). One of biggest Batam’s Shopping Center Mega Mall Shopping Center also located at Batam Center. Hotels that near Batam Center Ferry Terminal are Harris Hotel and Harmoni One Hotels.

Ferry Company that operates routes between Harbourfront Singapore and Batam Center International Ferry Terminal are Majestic Fast Ferry, Batam Fast Ferry and Sindo Ferry. It takes about 1 hours travelling time between Singapore to Batam Center.

We also can use Batam Center Ferry Terminal to reach Stulang Laut Malaysia by Indomas Fast Ferry, Pintas Samudera Fast Ferry and Citra Fast Ferry. It takes about 90 minutes (1,5 hours) to reach Stulang Laut Johor Bahru Ferry Terminal.

It takes about 10-15 minutes traveling time from Batam Center Ferry Terminal to Nagoya City by Taxi.

Harbourbay Ferry Terminal

Harbourbay International Ferry Terminal is located at Batu Ampar area which is the nearest Ferry Terminal to the Batam downtown Nagoya City. In the Harbourbay Complex, they are Harbourbay Mall, Swissbel Hotel, Amir Harbourbay Hotel, open air food court and some seafood restaurant.

Horizon Fast Ferry is one of the newest Fast Ferry that serves the route between Batam Harbourbay Ferry Terminal and Singapore Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. It only takes about 60 minutes from Harbourfront Singapore to Harbourbay Batam.


Waterfront City Ferry Terminal

Waterfront City Ferry Terminal is located in the Waterfront City area. Most of the Ferry which stops at Sekupang Ferry Terminal also will go to Waterfront City Ferry Terminal, about 10 minutes by Ferry.

Waterfront City is one of the resort areas in Batam Island, there are Harris Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel at Waterfront City area. We can try water sports at Waterfront city such as Jet ski, Banana Boat and look around Batam’s surrounding islands by boat. There is a Marina Beach that we can enjoy the beautiful sunset and view Singapore’s skyscraper building.

If you want to go to Nagoya city, the biggest Batam downtown city, you can hire a taxi with traveling time about 35 minutes from Waterfront city.

Waterfront City Ferry Terminal also one of the nearest Ferry Terminal to Batu Aji and Tanjunguncang which is a region of Shipyard Industry. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes by Taxi.

Nongsapura Ferry Terminal

If you want to play golf in some Nongsa Golf course and resort, then this Ferry Terminal is meets with your needs. Nongsapura Ferry Terminal is located in Nongsa area which is the region of the recreation resort. There are a lot of 4 and 5 stars Hotels in the region. They are Batam View Hotel, Nongsa Point Marina Resort, Turi Beach Resort and Montigo Resort Nongsa. There only need 5 to 10 minutes from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to those Golf courses and Resorts.

But one thing needs to remember, we only can take Fast Ferries from Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. It takes about 45 minutes traveling time.

Location of Nongsapura Ferry Terminal is quite far from Batam downtown, Nagoya city. It needs about 40 minutes from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to the Nagoya city or about 30 minutes to the Batam Center Area.

 From above information, which Batam Ferry Terminal should be used?

Frankly speaking, it’s depend on your purpose of the visits, if you want to shopping at Batam downtown, then you should take Ferry to Harbourbay Batam or Batam Center Ferry Terminal, but if you want to play golf at Nongsa then you should use Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. But if you want to visit Shipyard at Tanjunguncang, I suggest you to take the Ferry to Sekupang Ferry Terminals. And if you want to enjoy your holiday at Waterfront city Resort, then direct to go Waterfront city Ferry Terminal is a better choice.

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