How to activate Akismet plugins

How to Activate Akismet Plugins for WordPress and get a Free Akismet API key

How to Activate Akismet Plugins for WordPress  – One of the advantages of the Blog is two way communication. Webmaster or Blogger share their opinion or knowledge on their Blogs, Blog Readers/Visitors can ask their question or appreciate the Blogger effort through the Comment Box provided by the blog webmaster. But unfortunately, the existence of the comment box sometimes was misused by Spammer to build backlink or promote their products.

As a blogger, we should focus on creating an article and share it to our blogs. But due to a lot of spam comments in our Inbox, we need to select and delete it one by one. It takes time and not efficient at all. Luckily, there are a lot WordPress Plugins to fight the spam comments.  One of the best wordpress plugins to fight spam comments is Akismet Plugins. Akismet is one of the highly recommended anti-spam plugins.

Akismet plugins will detect the spam comment and move it to our blog spam folder automatically. With Akismet plugins, blogger/webmaster need not to move or delete the spam comment manually. It saves our time.

Akismet plugins come with WordPress after Installation but not yet activated.  We need to activate it with the Akismet API key. Here I will show you how to get a free Akismet API key with few steps. Don’t worry, It’s official and legal.

Step by step to Get a Free Akismet API key easily

Below is the steps to activate Akismet plugins and get a free Akismet API key :

  1. Sign in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click [Plugins] on the dashboard menu
  3. Go to Akismet Plugins and click [Activate]
  4. Click [Visit Plugins site], you will be directed to Akismet websiteWordpress Akismet Plugins
  5. In the Akismet website, click [Sign in]
  6. Fill in your Email address and Password that you been registered to ( account).
  7. Click [Sign in]Sign in Akismet
  8. After connected, click [Authorize]
  9. Click [SIGN UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION]Authorize wordpress account with akismet
  10. On the API Sign up page, Choose PERSONAL and click [Sign up]Akismet API key Sign up
  11. In the payment slider, move the slider to $0.00/yr. All the payment form will disappear as shown on below picture.
  12. Fill in your First Name and Last Name on the CONTACT INFO.Akismet API key payment s
  13. Akismet will show the API key as per below picture :Get a Free Akismet API Key
  14. Go to your blog dashboard and fill in your Akismet API key. If  you installed Jetpack, please click [Akismet configuration] at the Jetpack menu.
  15. Key in your Akismet API key into the Akismet API key box.Key in Akismet API Key

Congratulation! Your blog now is protected by Akismet anti-spam plugins.

That’s all the steps to get a free Akismet API Key easily.

Happy Blogging …..

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