How to Hard Reset (Factory Reset) Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Samsung had launched Galaxy Note 4 on September 2014, successor of the popular phablet Galaxy Note 3. I believe a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or/and Galaxy Note 3 owners are considering to upgrade their Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 4. When you decide to upgrade your Galaxy Note, you might be need to trade-in your old Galaxy Note to the shop or sell it to your friends or maybe on Before you sell your old Galaxy Note, I would like to advise you to perform Hard Reset. Hard Reset will completely delete all your data inside your Galaxy Note 3. These data are included photo, music, video, email, chatting records, etc. So you need not to worry about leaks of private and confidential data. But before you perform Hard Reset to your Galaxy Note 3, make sure all the data has backup properly.  Please be mind that, it is impossible to recover your data after doing a hard reset, so backup your data is a must.

In certain condition, you also might need to do a hard reset. For example, your Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t not perform well such as lag or hang due to infected by virus/malware or crash of some applications. Hard Reset also called Factory Reset.

There two way to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Please refer to below methods :

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by Hardware Keys

Please follow below methods to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by Hardware Key

  1. Power OFF your Galaxy Note 3.
  2. Press and Hold [Volume Up] button.
  3. Press [Home] and [Power] button at the same time.
  4. In the recovery menu select “wipe data factory reset” with Volume button.
  5. Press [Power] button to confirm.
  6. Select “Yes-delete all user data” with Volume botton.
  7. Press [Power] button to confirm.
  8. Select “Reboot system now”
  9. Press [Power] button to confirm.
  10. Your Galaxy Note 3 will be rebooted and all of your data will be erased.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by Setting Menu

Here is the method to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by using Setting Menu (below method and screenshots are using Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android version 4.4 Kitkat) :Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. Tap the [Setting] icon
  2. Tap the [General] on setting menu
  3. Tap the [Factory data reset]
  4. Tap the [Reset device]

With above Hard Reset (Factory Reset) methods, your data of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be completely erased, exactly same as the first time you purchased the Phone.

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