How to create a new blog blogger blogspot

How to Create a New Blog by using Blogger / Blogspot

How to Create a New Blog by using Blogger / Blogspot – To be a Blogger, we have to own a blog. A lot of blog platform we can use, such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and many more. As a new blogger with a limited budget, we can use Blogger as a start. Blogger is one of Google Blogging services and very easy to use. And one more important thing, Blogger is “Free”.  We do not need to spend any single cent to have it. The only thing we need is a Gmail Account.

With Blogger, there will be a dot blogspot ( .Blogspot) sub-domain for us, we no need to think about buying a new domain and web-hosting. After we understand how to write an article and improve our blog visibility on search engines, we can move on to WordPress with web hosting or change your current dot blogspot subdomain to Top Level Domain.

Step by step to Create a New Blogger Blog

In this article, I will share how to create a New Blog step by step using Blogger (Blogspot).

  1. First, we need to create a Gmail account, if you already had it, just use your current gmail account to create a blogger blog. I assume that you already know how to create a Gmail account.
  2. Type on your web browser address bar.
  3. Type in your email address on Email box.
  4. Type in your email Password on Password box.
  5. Click [Sign in]Blogger Log in Menu
  6. If your email is new to blogger, below display will appear.
  7. Choose Blogger Profile and click [Create a limited Blogger Profile]Create Blogger Profile
  8. Type in your name on the Display Name box
  9. Click [Continue to Blogger]Blogger Profile Menu
  10. Click [New Blog] to create a new Blogspot blog.Create New Blogger Blog
  11. Type in your blog title on Title box (example : Catatan Dickson)
  12. Type in your blog url address on the Address box/your blog domain name (example :
    If your chosen domain name had been used by other people, it will appear message “Sorry, this blog address is not available”. In this case, please choose another URL address or domain name. If your chosen domain name or URL address is available, there will appear “tick” sign beside the address box and shown the message “This blog address is available”.
  13. Choose the Blogspot template that you like.
    Note : You still can change your blogspot template in the future if youfeel that current template is not suitable for your needs.
  14. Click [Create Blog!]Fill in Blog Title

Congratulations! Your blog has been created.

To start writing an article, just click [Start Posting]Start to posting your article

It’s easy, right? Now, you can start to write anything inside your Blog, share what you think and also your knowledge in this Blog.

Happy Blogging….

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