How to Remove or Hide Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar)

How to remove Blogger Navbar (Blogger Navigation Bar)

How to remove Blogger Navbar (Blogger Navigation Bar) – By default, Blogger will show the Navbar (Navigation Bar) on top of every Blogger or Blogspot powered blogs. On the Blogger Navbar, there are links to (Icon [B]), Email,  sharing to Google Plus and others Social Network like Facebook and Twitter. In the Navbar also had Google Search Box and a “Sign in” link to Blogger dashboard. The Blogger Navbar is useful for Blogger users to Log in to the dashboard or create a new post.  

But most of the blogger users want to remove or hide the Blogger Navigation Bar (Navbar) due to some reason. Sometimes it does not match with our blogger template and appearance of the Navbar also will covering some small area of our blog.

Previously, blogger users need to edit the HTML code to remove the Blogger Navbar. But now, Blogger (Blogspot) has provided an easy way to remove the Navbar (Navigation Bar) without editing the HTML code. Just a few steps, we can remove the Blogger Navbar. Following are the steps to remove the Blogger.

  1. Sign in to Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click [Layout].
  3. Click [Edit] on Navbar box. Blogger Layout Navbar
  4. After that, “Navbar Configuration” windows will be pop-up as below picture :
  5. Select “OFF”Blogger Navbar Configuration
  6. Click [Save] button

With above few step, Blogger Navbar will disappear from your Blogger Blogs. To view the result, you can click [View Blog].

Note :
After removing the blogger Navbar from our Blogger blog, we still can type on the browser address bar to login to blogger dashboard.

That’s all about the method to remove the Blogger Navbar with only few steps.

Happy Blogging…

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