Top Shopping Mall in Batam Island

Top 5 Shopping Mall in Batam Island – One of the popular activities in Batam Island is Shopping. There are more than 10 Shopping Mall you could visit and shop what you want. But as for thetourist, they are the Top 5 of Shopping Mall that you should be visit and shop. You should able to find all your needs in Batam’s shopping mall. Most of the Shopping Mall provides one stop solution such as Supermarket, Food center, ATM Center, Entertainment (Games, Cinema and Family Karaoke). One of the advantages of shopping in Batam is most of the goods are free of tax.

Top 5 Shopping Mall in Batam

Here is the Top 5 Shopping Mall in Batam that recommended to you.

Nagoya Hill Shopping Center

Nagoya Hill Shopping Center is one of the largest Shopping Mall at Batam which is located at the center of the city. Almost everything of your needs is ready for you to shop and eat. For daily needs and Fashion, they have Hypermart Hypermarket and Matahari Department Store. Inside the Mall also have Food Street that provide various local and International Food & Beverages such Pizza Hut, KFC, A&W, Javanese Foods, Chinese Foods, Western Foods, Seafoods and also Japanese Foods. You also can buy Electronic Goods in the Surga Electronics in the First Floor and Smartphone Center at lower ground Floor. You also can watch movie in the Studio 21 cinema.
Nearest hotels to Nagoya Hill Shopping Center is Grand I Hotel, Nagoya Hill Hotel, The Hills and Nagoya Plaza Hotel. It’s about 3 to 5 minutes by walk from those Hotels to Nagoya Hill Shopping Center.

Mega Mall Batam Center (MMBC)

Mega Mall is the Mall that located in front of the Batam Center International Ferry Terminal. We can walk from the Ferry Terminal to Mega Mall through the Bridge about 2-3 minutes only. Same as Nagoya Hill Shopping Center, in the Mega Mall Batam Center also have Hypermarket and Matahari Department Store and Studio XXI Cinema. For food and beverages, they have Pizza Hut, KFC, Western food and various local food such as Javanese food, Padang food and Palembang food. For Electronic goods, you can visit Electronics Solution.
Nearest Hotel to Mega Mall Shopping Center is Harris Hotel, It’s about 3 minutes by walk. Another nearest hotel is Harmoni One Hotel with about 5-10 minutes by walk.

Batam City Square Shopping Center (BSC Mall)

Batam City Square Shopping Center is also known as BCS Mall, it’s one of the popular Shopping Center for Tourist, especially Singapore and Malaysian Tourist. There is a lot Fashion kiosk that offers variety of latest fashion and accessories, both for men and women. Inside the BCS Mall also have JC Supermarket, Matahari Department Store, Bowling Center and Studio 21 Cinema. For Food and Beverages, they also offer Western Food, Chinese Food, Padang Food and Japanese Food as well as KFC fast food.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is one of the largest mobile phone Market in Batam. They offer both New and second hand Handphone, you can trade-in your old phone and buy your favorite mobile phone in Lucky Plaza. You can find almost every brand of mobile phone in here. But there is no Supermarket or Department Store inside the Plaza.

DC Mall

If Lucky Plaza is specialized for Mobile Phone Market, I think the DC Mall is focused on the Local Fashion and Computer related Business. If you want to look for Muslim fashion as well as Indonesian Traditional Fashion, then you should come to DC Mall to take a look. There are also a lot of Computer and Laptop related kiosk in here. Inside the DC Mall also have Supermarket and Department Store as well as Food and beverage kiosk.

Grand Batam Shopping Center

Grand Batam is the biggest and newest Shopping Mall in Batam. It’s located at Penuin, Nagoya City. There are a lot of famous brand in this shopping center. Grand Batam also have Cinema, Supermarket, Gold & Jewellery shop and restaurant.


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